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Get a personally signed copy of the book by the author.


Realize you are not alone. Journey with an Earthling, much like yourself, lost in search of home. Everything you have ever known will be blown apart by profound words of Neal The Earthling, brought to life through Illustrations of Lyn The Alien.


Written on Earth, but, out of this world, "Where Are You From?" is woven together through one empowering story bringing hope to our ever-fragile world. Find yourself pulled into an undiscovered universe through each poetic verse.


It begins in reflection, detection of childhood trauma, responsible for lifelong drama. A sensitive creature born, identity torn, by lifelong scorn. An alien cast away, living in shadows each day, with every truth held at bay. Wishing to be found; to walk on solid ground; discover soulfulsounds; where light abounds, as darkness drowns.


Will this Earthling find home, or be, forever unknown? Discover the cost of being lost. Flip through pages depicting stages…There will be moments which enrage, bring sadness, madness...How does it end? Connect by disconnecting; each poem intersecting; tales to help us reconnect to introspect to reflect…Left only to expect the unexpected. Where are you from?

Where Are You From?

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