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My Reflection was never who I wanted to be,

My Reflection was my biggest bully;

My Reflection made it impossible to see, the better side of me.


What does your reflection show? Do you even know? "My Reflection" is a story reflecting our deepest regrets, our darkest sins, melodramatic spins on what it means to be...


Struggling to see the fragility of our own EGO, this book helps show, and it helps throw away pains of yesterday to live today beyond a suffocating Gray. Clouded by our own misconceptions, tangled perceptions spinning us into toxic inceptions.


What you can't see often prevents you from being free...

This leads to a life defined by fragility.


Our goal with "My Reflection" is to break through the illusion that your life has already reached its conclusion.


There is a lot more to live if only you could forgive. Forgive yourself, nobody else. For, it's when you find yourself able to forgive that you can finally give all of yourself. Discover your full potential, which is exponential...


Being one amongst stars.

My Reflection

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